Pipeline Construction

The AXIS full-service construction and fabrication group is based operationally in Ingleside, Texas to serve the onshore pipeline market in the regional Texas area and offshore Gulf of Mexico.

Over the last 20 years, the AXIS management team and associated subcontractors have fabricated pipelines, as well as, PLETs, PLEMs, manifolds and jumpers in support of the oil and gas industry.

AXIS senior management has managed the design, construction and operations of spool bases around the world in the US Gulf of Mexico, Australia and England.

Large Capital Project Management Experience

The AXIS SR Management team has first hand experience in the management of large capital projects from conception through completion and ongoing operations. Project experience includes but is not limited to the management of engineering, procurement, contracting and construction phases of civil site / marine shore base and marine assets (vessels).

  • Engineering Management
  • Management of environmental impact study and, if required, remedial activities
  • Civil and Marine Construction Management, including the permitting process
  • Management of the required procurement for large capital projects
  • Procurement of large tracts of real estate
  • Planning and implementation of mitigation requirement

Fabrication Experience

  • Experienced with coated and insulated pipe
  • Pipe-in-pipe (PIP) fabrication
  • Manifold and PLET / PLEM fabrication
  • 2D and 3D jumper fabrication
  • Automatic or manual welding capability
  • Piping skids
  • On-site SIT / FAT capability

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