Mobile Reel-Lay Systems & Service

The AXIS Pipeline Construction Group (AXIS PCG) has an established track record in deep water Reel-Lay Projects including reeled rigid pipe, Pipe in Pipe, flexible pipe, subsea control umbilical’s, flying lead and power cable.

AXIS PCG is based operationally in Ingleside, Texas and with corporate offices in Houston, to serve the offshore pipeline construction market in the regional united states and offshore Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Mexico Campeche Bay and International project locations.

The AXIS PCG team can provide installation procedures, installation engineering, deck layout and stability checks to assist with mobile reel-lay projects on vessels of opportunity.

Reel Lay Systems Equipment and Installation Services

  • 400 MT Reel Drives
  • 100 MT reel drive for flying leads and light weight subsea cables
  • 8.6, 9.2 and 11.4 meter reels.  Product weight capacity up to 470 MT.
  • VLS with 4 track 40 MT tensioner, safe work deck and friction clamp for the safe handling of reeled products
  • 2 track 30 MT tensioner
  • 3 track 60 MT Tensioner
  • 60 MT A&R winch
  • 400 MT under rollers for transpooling
  • Over boarding chutes up to 8 Meter radius
  • 500 MT carousel capable of being lifted with product

The AXIS PCG Team has experienced Reel-Lay technicians and operators for fixed large reel-lay systems up to 800 MT of top tensions, as well as, mobile reel-lay systems

For more information on the Axis Pipeline Construction Group Reel-Lay Systems Equipment and Service, please contact us.

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